Use bookdownplus write papers and manage lab logs

Since being a Rmarkdown user, I’m thinking how to write papers, manage teaching materials and record lab works in this format. When I met papaja(Aust and Barth 2017) three years ago, it is my dream someday I will use R(R Development Core Team 2010) process all my works. papaja is amazing but it is implemented to English only. Later I found bookdown developed by Yihui Xie(Xie 2017). bookdown has the potential to manage Chinese writings. However, this package is primarily developed for writing and publishing books.

Fortunately, Peng Zhao has worked on the advanced work: bookdownplus(Zhao 2017). This package provides many templates for a couple of academic works and hobbies. According to the help file, there are academic article, book, thesis, poster, and journals. Because of Zhao’s interests, the users could write and publish poem book and guitar chords. The following pictures are the outcomes of these templates:

I believe ‘journal’ will be the hottest templaters for many research teams who are running their open practices. All the members of a project will have managed their daily journals collaboratively. The journal could be opened to public after the final paper is formly published.

For the users who read and write traditional Chiense like me, you have to install some font files after you completed the install work flow as the mannual. According to my tests in WINDOWS 10, The font files are KaiTi.ttf, simfang.ttf, simhei.ttf, and simkai.ttf. Then you can use the Chinese templates in bookdownplus.

In future, I wish bookdownplus could enhance the support for many multi-bytes language systems. The users could provide and share the customed templates through the updates. This will be the handy tool for the open scientists out of WIERD world.


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