R and Rstudio are going to update for a couple of weeks. This website are managed under the version control system and the R package brocks. This is the way I reserved the installed package when the last version is released. The below codes for update R core are from R-statistics blog’s post.

Package installr offers the function to check and install the last version. In the following picture, check.for.update.R() found a last version (3.2.5) in GUI of 3.2.4. Therefore check.for.update.R() returned TRUE. Then I ran install.R() and the install procedure began as like R installed for the first time.


R GUI (3.2.4) was on my desktop after the install procedure finished. Then I ran copy.packages.between.libraries() that copied the libraries in the direcotry of 3.2.3 to the directory of 3.2.5.(This might be available in R GUI 3.2.5).


The final step was completed in Rstudio. Rstudio has the buttoms to checked the last version of every installed package.


And I built the new post as the old time.