• This section presents why and how I build this website.

Why I set up my website and blog by jekyll?

Thanks to the service of github, I am able to manage the information and data I want to share with the world on my laptop and personal clouds. Managing the articles on a internet service is like a farmer grows the plants on a rented field. The layout of my works have to follow the default settings of the service. I can build my website and blog as what I want by customize the templete in jekyll. This gives me the motivation to contribute writings to the internet.

Why I use steve-ngvb theme?

Jekyll bloggers around the world have contributed their themes to Jekyll Theme. Steven Miller, the faculty of Clemson University, released his theme steve-ngvb. This theme has the templates of blog posts and static web page. It matches my need to assign my works to the category I have defined.

Why I write article and blog by Rstudio?

In the date I found the R packages to compose web page and journal article, I have the idea manage my websit and blog in Rstudio. Yihui Xie contributed a R project integrated jekyll components on his github repo. One year later, Brendan Rocks build a R pacakge brocks to help bloggers build a blog post in R. My blog posts having R codes and statitic works will be made up in this way. With the increase of my knowledge about jekyll and Rmarkdown, I will release a jekyll theme and a R package which help more people be used to these tools in fewer steps than me.